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Since 1970, we have been actively involved in the development and management of Adult Lifestyle Communities. These communities are really private villages located in rural or semi-rural settings which offer an appealing lifestyle to the homeowners. Attractive bungalows designed for ease of maintenance are situated on private roads and services.

Recreational amenities geared to the adult family are provided for the homeowners in each Adult Lifestyle Community. At Sandycove Acres, near Barrie, for example, there are three recreations centres housing craft rooms dance halls, billiards and a very sophisticated woodworking shop. In addition, at Wilmot Creek, east of Oshawa, there are tennis courts, a golf course and a bowling green.

We know that the homeowners are the hearts of our Adult Lifestyle Communities. People of similar interests and ages bring to these communities a wealth of talent, energy and desire for fellowship. The homeowners take all the physical amenities that we provide and generate the lifestyle which has come to be a trademark of Rice's Adult Lifestyle Communities. As the developer and manager, we recognize that how the homeowners feel about their communities will dictate the success of the communities. It is therefore our desire and intention to continue to manage these communities in such a way that the homeowners will become our strongest promoters - for they are the chief spokespeople on behalf of a lifestyle to be enjoyed by the mature family.

Each of our Adult Lifestyle Communities have their own web sites.
Click on the community names below to view their web sites.

Grand Cove Estates is located in the village of Grand Bend about 40 miles west of London, Ontario. Grand Cove Estates commenced in 1976 and there are currently 360 households on rented sites. Recreational amenities include an attractive recreation centre, craft rooms and a swimming pool.

Sandycove Acres

Sandycove Acres is situated in the Town of Innisfil just south of Barrie, Ontario. The first of our Adult Lifestyle Communities, Sandycove Acres comprises 1200 households owned by their occupants. The single family dwellings sit on land leased to the homeowner on a long term basis.

Situated on one and a half miles of Lake Ontario lakefront east of Oshawa, Ontario, Wilmot Creek offers spectacular housing sites for its homeowners. Wilmot Creek has become a dynamic community since its inception in 1984. When it reaches full maturity, some 900 families will call Wilmot Creek home.

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